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Our friends' breedings:

White Swiss Shepherds

      AKBO Parchovany ( SK )

      Beli Andeo ( BiH )

      Divines Folies Bergere ( FR ) - Dancing Queen Biala Pasja

      Dream Works ( NL ) - Fricco Biala Pasja

      Dzika Banda ( PL ) -multich. Bella Zora Biala Pasja

      Las Kornas ( PL )

      Od Bijelih Andela ( CRO )- Fuego Biala Pasja

      Of the White Wolves Home ( NL )

      Van Vlerckensteyn ( NL )

      Von Amira Asagera ( D ) -Grace Kelly Cassyopeya Biala Pasja

      Yps-Yukon Akabo Parchovany ( PL )

Other breeds

      Alderaan - border collie

      Gratia Superis FCI - welsh corgi cardigan

      Saussurea FCI - australian shepherd

      Unkada-Chien de motagne des pyrenees